Superior General - Who is the overall administrator

  • The current Superior General is Sr. Jane Awuorl

4 Councilors 

  • In charge of finances, projects and property - Sr. Elizabeth Nduku (Vicaress)
  • In charge of formation both initial and ongoing - Sr. Teresia Waweru
  • In charge of Personnel - Sr. Betty Schao
  • In charge of Education and communication - Sr. Bridgita Samba

Regional Superior and 2 advisors

  • Regional bursar
  • Regional secretary

Local Superior, her assistant and community bursar - individual Sister

In every stage of administration we have assisting financial administrators, project administrators, bursars and Secretaries who form a network for efficiency and accuracy. Six Month financial, operational and development reports are prepared by each community in the leadership of the local superior, it is then taken to the regional office who will finally take it to the head office through the Congregational Financial Administrator.